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A reader sends us these two videos.  We are going to order the movie.


“All the scenes you will see in this film are true. If they are shocking, it is only because there are many shocking things in this world…”

With those words, Directors Gualtiero Jacopetti, Paolo Cavara and Franco Prosperi unleashed the international sensation that stunned critics and moviegoers alike while revolutionizing the documentary genre forever. Filmed in every corner of the world, this landmark epic explores the culture of life and death, the anguish of man and beast, and the taboos of sex and religion, all amidst the barbarism of civilization gone insane. Sometimes beautiful, often horrifying yet always surprising, it remains one of the most disturbing and controversial films of our time. This is the original ‘Shockumentary’ that started it all. This is MONDO CANE. 


MONDO CANE (Italian for “Dog’s World”) also features a brilliant score by Nino Oliviero and Riz Ortolani that includes the Oscar nominated theme song “More.”


The movie is available from Amazon.



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Gender: M     Race: W
Hair:      Eye:

DOB: 09/13/1956



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Much of the old Cow Pattie was taken up with discussions and bulletins on local criminal activities….. other than those committed by the town officials.  Most of the local crimes could be traced to the notorious Bumgarner-Keller Gang.  The main characters were the Bumgarner brothers, Rick and Jodie, and the Keller twins, Terry and Jerry.  These guys would steal ANYTHING!  Breaking and entering was their forte.  Fortunately for Claremont residents, they concentrated their activities on the north side of I-40….. unfortunately for Catawba Rental  and the folks of Seigfield Acres development.

Rick was the oldest of the boys and probably led the others into a life of crime.   Rick met his Waterloo on the railroad tracks behind Bear’s Bar.  No one seems to know how he got there or if he fell or was pushed.  A train came along and cut Rick into several pieces but he survived in the ICU for several days before giving up the ghost.  The turnout at his funeral was light.

The leadership of the gang passed to brother Jodie.  During a string of property crimes, Jodie broke into Stewart’s Grocery (across from the Post Office), stole some cigarettes, a lighter, and a case of beer…..  then set the store on fire, ending Mrs. Stewart’s lengthy career as a storekeeper.  Jodie was captured within hours and spent the next couple of years in detention.

This left the Kellers without a leader.  Without leadership they were lost.  One soon went to jail on some less serious charge and the other went more or less straight.  Straight is a relative term, here.

There were other ne’er do wells in town and we will get around to them in a later article.  Meanwhile, let’s listen to some music………

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This song is as relevant today as it was when Mel first sang it.  Maybe even more so.


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Willie Nelson charged with pot

possession in Texas

Nov. 26, 2010, in Sierra Blanca, Texas.

From Associated Press

November 27, 2010 5:22 AM EST

SIERRA BLANCA, Texas (AP) — A U.S. Border Patrol spokesman says country singer Willie Nelson was charged with marijuana possession after 6 ounces was found aboard his tour bus in Texas.

Patrol spokesman Bill Brooks says the bus pulled into the Sierra Blanca, Texas, checkpoint about 9 a.m. Friday. Brooks says an officer smelled pot when a door was opened and a search turned up marijuana.

Brooks says the Hudspeth County sheriff was contacted and Nelson was among three people arrested.

Sheriff Arvin West didn’t immediately return a phone message left at his home Friday, but he told the El Paso Times that Nelson claimed the marijuana was his. The singer was held briefly (on) a $2,500 bond before being released.

Nelson spokeswoman Elaine Schock declined to comment when contacted via e-mail by The Associated Press.

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4:00 am: Shoppers, by the thousands, invade Claremont in search a place to buy something.

4:05 am: Shoppers, by the thousands, rush to leave Claremont, in search of a place to buy something.

Meanwhile, the little town of Indian Trail has added over 400 new businesses in the last two years!  But what do you expect from a town council with VISION?

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