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Understanding Agenda 21/Sustainable Development –

A Sustainable Development Q&A



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There is no coptright on the term  ACTION PLAN 2012 or any combination of those three words. … CITY OF CLAREMONT ACTION PLAN 2012.


When Googled, it gets 326,000,000 hits


BUT….tTry this: Do a Google SEARCH using the words ACTION PLAN 2012 and add the name of ANY city..  You will find that practically EVERY CITY in the U.S. has a 2012 ACTION PLAN…. and ALL OF THEM smack of UNITED NATIONS/ NOW/ AGENDA 21/ SOCIALISM!


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Kathleen Mathews was outraged that the local community could turn on her 26-year-old son, Jesse, who had been charged with capital murder for killing a Chattanooga, Tenn., police officer. She told the judge in a letter that Jesse is a “good man,” and lamented, “You do one little thing that pisses people off, and they want to hold it against you forever.” [Chattanooga Times Free Press]

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A reader suggests that Claremontshould come up with a new slogam because the old one (The Little Town That Could) is to bland..  He suggests “CLAREMONT, THE LITTLE TOWN THAT COULDA, WOULDA , SHOULDA”. 


That got us to thinking, “Why not let the people decide?”


Here are a few suggestions to get you started”


Claremont—Located between Conover and Catawba

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Ccontains graphic descriptions.

 Penis removal (emasculation) is a subject that needs little explanation. The best-known scenario is that of an abused sexual partner taking sudden revenge (yes, John and Lorena Bobbitt are on the list), but the field is far wider than that, as we shall see. This list is based on Wikipedia’s article on penis removal, but we made extensive searches for original sources and added extra information where available. Some of these cases are verified fact, some are unverified and some are dubious at best, so please take a dose of healthy skepticism before reading.

And one word of advice for anyone considering removing their own or anyone else’s penis: Don’t.


Kim Tran’s boyfriend


On 19 February 2005, 35-year-old Kim Tran, of Anchorage, Alaska, cut off the penis of her 44-year-old boyfriend, who was married to her aunt. They had argued over his refusal to leave her aunt, then engaged in sexual relations, during which she tied his hands to a window handle above their bed and severed his penis with a knife, then flushed it down the toilet, where it stuck. She drove him to the hospital, then returned home to clean up. Police attended and, learning of the flushing, called water utility workers, who retrieved the penis. It was rushed to the hospital and successfully reattached. She was charged with assault and tampering with evidence. I could not find any news about her trial or sentence.


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