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Agenda 21 Talking Points

Introduction to Agenda 21.  Please share with Congress.


The budget is easily balanced if we eliminate the Agencies that follow Agenda 21 The Agenda designed to destroy our freedom and economy.


Agenda 21 is the PLAN for a “New World Order” through GLOBAL GOVERNANCE                                                                           Read Agenda 21

Agenda 21 is the PLAN for a “New World Order” through GLOBAL GOVERNANCE                                                                       Read Agenda 21


Goal:  Global Governance.  One world government controlled by a few elite who control every aspect of your life.

Maurice Strong, UN Secretary General  –  1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro said “…Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class involving high meat consumption and large amounts of frozen and convenience foods, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and workplace air-conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable. A shift is necessary which will require a vast strengthening of the multilateral system, including the United Nations.

Never forget the ultimate goal of this plan is to bring MONEY and POWER to the progressive Elite who call for its implementation.

Key Points of the plan

  •  Over 50% of the planet must be deemed uninhabitable.

  •  Man is the environment’s biggest enemy

  •  Push people into sustainable living quarters controlled by public/private approved agencies.

  •  Eliminate Private Property

  •  Eliminate need to travel unless by bike or public transportation

  •  Eliminate Unalienable Individual Rights and replace with Social Justice

  •  Depopulate the Planet to make it more controllable

  •  Eliminate the Middle Class

  •  Redistribute Wealth

  •  Create classes and then create dissension among them

  •  Over regulate industries to push the out of business causing unemployment

  •  Dumb down the schools

  • Attack the family unit and religion

  •  When facts don’t prove out – make them up

  • Control the world monetary system and manipulate it

Let’s see how this plan relates to America:

Plan:  Create an Environmental Crisis that can only be fixed through “Sustainable Development” living.  Create a cry for SOCIAL JUSTICE.  (The collective is more important than the individual). Eliminate those that disagree.   Use any means possible but try a peaceful take over first.

Premise:  The earth is headed for destruction due to the abuse perpetrated by HUMANS.  Humans are the enemy. It is the global plan to change the way we “live, eat, learn and communicate” because we must “save the earth.”

Premise: The West especially America is the single biggest obstacle to fulfilling this Agenda.

Tools:  Change vocabulary to softer words. Alter scientific data, Create UN Agencies like ICLIE to bring information to Government agencies to help implement plan. By-pass Congress and the Senate by using Executive Orders. Install communist/socialist Czars to head Agencies to implement Agenda 21.

Procedure to Execute Plan in America:

  • Attack Western Capitalism ideology.

  • Decimating the Free Market by making industry public.

  • Create a crisis – Use doctored reports and faulty science. Example – Gulf report said no reason to have moratorium, report was altered.

  • Create Environmental Crisis  using altered Science – Climategate

  • Lie to Congress and public about data and results.

  • Remove Unalienable Rights (God given rights that can never be removed) in favor of Social Justice (rights granted by the Government).

  • Change History Books depicting Founders as elite racists

  • Make Nature more important than humans – declare land uninhabitable to save a species.

  • Eliminate industry or over regulate – coal, oil, farming, fishing as too destructive to environment.  No scientific data presented.

  • Depopulate the earth = Plan calls for 1 Billion in Population – Allow Corexit in Gulf

  • Declare fossil fuels as one of the greatest cause of climate change.  No scientific data

  • State America will run out of resources – America has more oil resources than all of the Middle East combined.

  • DO NOT educate the public with facts and common sense.  According to the latest world education survey  Reading America is 17, math America is 37,  Science America is 23

  • Change history. Books are being rewritten – U of Kentucky is removing reference to Holocaust so they won’t offend Muslims.

  • Eliminate private property.  – Wetlands, Wildlands projects determine land is uninhabitable.

  • Redistribute wealth from those who earn to those who do not.  By keeping America energy dependent we are redistributing wealth to those countries hate America.

  • Drain US economy by overloading entitlement programs and keeping borders open.  42% of population is at or below poverty and on food stamps.

  • Separate people by class, by race and use that to pit one against the other.

  • Use political correctness to create distractions so people will turn on each other instead of the enemy. Riots for money, social justice, union against non-union, race

  • Declare opposition leaders unfit and make up stories to support. Call Tea Parties Racist.

  • Eliminate the Middle Class through massive unemployment.  Over regulation and taxation forces industry to outsource.  Create an anti business environment.

  • Eliminate the Seniors by reducing retirement accounts funds and home equity in the Recession.  Force Seniors to rely heavily on Social Security. The pit seniors against juniors.

  • Manipulate money – QE2, devalue dollar is just the same as putting a tax on items.

  •  Create shortages to force people to rely on Government – food shortage – create drought in California in the name of a 2 inch fish and destroy farm land.

  • Create Government subsidies to give unfair advantage to those companies who embrace Agenda 21.

  • Hire communist socialist Czars to run government Agencies.

  • Take over healthcare industry in order to control population.

  • Manipulate the housing market, Change banking regulations and demand affordable housing.  Reward Bank Executives who push housing crash and foreclosures.  By reducing housing prices, low income people through government programs can now buy houses.

  • Use Executive orders to by pass Congress. Pass laws in the middle of the night.

  • Hijack legislators by providing half truths and lobbyists.   Create confusion and financial drain with complicated laws, over regulation

  • Sterilize schools from Morality by hammering separation of Church and State – never mentioned in the constitution.

  • Demonize opposition

  • Gun Regulation

Try to regulate Internet

  • Use media propaganda to sell the plan. Promote Agenda 21 in bits and pieces so no one will ever see the truth. Over regulate so business will leave the country.  Force famine. Force people into unemployment. Turn industry.

This list can continue for a long time as Agenda 21 has infiltrated every aspect of American life.

Regulation after regulation is put in place designed to destroy the American way of life and the Capitalist economic model.

As citizens became of aware of the original destruction, a new scheme focusing on the environmental was hatched. Vilification of humans who would chose continued development of a free World without environmental rules is their hammer. Corporate raiders who do not care where profits come from have been very willing to join corrupt politicians in public/private partnerships designed to eliminate freedom and private property. Due to unreasonable regulation we are confronted by the selling of American jobs for added profits from cheap forced labor.  Today 42% of the American population is living at or below the poverty line and are receiving food stamps.

In order to accomplish the goal of Agenda 21, the fastest way is through the schools.  Capture a generation of children by dumbing them down and you will have a group of sheeple who will follow the government by transferring loyalty from the family to the government.  More money today is spent on Education than ever before but the content is designed to make and keep Americans DUMB

Why Education? Higher income people are usually educated.  These people use more energy and more resources.  Higher education increases the threat to sustainability.  The truth is secondary, therefore suppress it, twist it and tell half. It does not matter as long as you get the desired results.  Dummies do not ask WHY?

One thing we do know for certain, Agenda 21 is based on ideologies that have already failed, have not been tried or are not proven.  The phony science involved in “GLOBAL WARMING” has more potential to destroy American Freedom, Innovation and Prosperity than any other plan ever presented.  The devastation to the middle class and the poor is unprecedented as the rise of energy costs and all products connected to petroleum escalates and will consume their income.

It is time to put our American house in order. It is time to tell the American people the truth.  Only when defunding these unconstitutional rogue Government Agencies, non Government agencies and the UN took place, will America recover.

Employed people pay mortgages, buy Health Insurance, support charities pay taxes and spend money. Agenda 21 is the thread that makes every policy in America today make sense.   Read it.  Share it, Talk about it and tell Congress. It’s time to stop buying our way into the hearts of people who hate America.

Stop sacrificing Americans in order to provide funding to those only interested in MONEY and POWER

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Top Ten Mayan Excuses


10. “Wait for it…wait for it…”

9. “Margin of error is plus-or-minus 5000 years”

8. “Mayan word for ‘apocalypse’ very similar to Mayan word for ‘apple crisp'”

7. “Well, no apocalypse prediction — no sweet, pre-apocalypse sex”

6. “Uh, leap year?”

5. “Intern hit ‘Send’ before double-checking”

4. “Didn’t the world end when Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up?”

3. “Apoca-whoops”

2. “Well, it was pretty cold and snowy there for a few minutes, so we were kind of right”

1. “Just trying to get out of Christmas with the in-laws”


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A Tampa, Fla., mother and daughter (ages 56 and 22, with their familial ties verified by a Huffington Post reporter), shoot scenes together for their pornography website (“The Sexxxtons”), including threesomes with a man, but the women insist that they never incestuously touch each other.



Tiffany Hartford, 23, and George Sayers Jr., 48, were charged in Bethel, Conn., in December with selling unauthorized videos of Hartford having sex with another woman. That other woman charged, and a DNA test confirmed, that Sayers is Hartford’s father and that the two have a baby (although both deny knowing they were father-daughter at the time they had sex).

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