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The ACLU is constantly resorting to Court Actions to prevent praying to a specified diety at government and school functions  They may be doing us a favor! (I will explain this, a little later)

Even though our Constitutional Bill of Rights gives us the right to pray wherever and whenever we we feel like it…SHOULD WE?  Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should.

In fact, Jesus told us NOT TO PRAY IN PUBLIC! (Matthew 6)  He further went on to call those who did, HYPOCRITES!

Jesus instructed us to go into a closet to pray… IN PRIVATE!

I am afraid we the people have been confusing the Constitution with the Bible.

Jesus went on to instruct us how to pray by giving us a model prayer as a template.  We call it THE LORD’S PRAYER and is directed toward GOD…THE FATHER.  This prayer is a request for God to grant us the necessities of life and to guide and protect us. It’s purpose IS NOT to insure that Bunker Hill win the football game or to move Dale Jr. up in his point standings.

Now, getting back to WHY the ACLU may be doing us a favor in prohibiting “public prayer”.


It is not out of the realm of possibility that this “president”, through Executive Order, may dictate that ALL prayers be directed to Allah and be spoken in Spanish, Saudi and Farsi.



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NEWTON NC – Donna Craig Stewart, 48, of Newton, was convicted Monday of two counts of first degree rape of a child in Catawba County Superior Court in Newton.

Judge Richard Boner handed down a sentence of no less than 300 months and no more than 384 months in the North Carolina Division of Adult Correction according to the District Attorney’s office.

Stewart was arrested on Jan. 11. Her arrest stemmed from the rape of two 12-year-old boys, said Catawba County Sheriff Coy Reid. According to the indictments, Stewart engaged in intercourse with the boys on or about Dec. 1 2012.

Rick Younger from the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office and Kari Whisnant from the Catawba County Department of Social Services handled the investigation with assistance from the Child Advocacy and Protection Center of Catawba County, according to the DA’s office.

One of the victims was a neighbor of Stewart’s and the other was the son of an acquaintance, Reid said. Law enforcement was alerted after the mother of one of the boys read a Facebook conversation between the two boys and her son admitted to her the rape had happened.

Stewart was also ordered to lifetime registration with the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry and will be subject to satellite-based monitoring upon her release from prison.

Stewart will be transported to the Division of Adult Correction for processin

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William Chester Minor


In 1902, William Chester Minor, an American surgeon and amateur lexicographer, cut off his penis (which he regarded as the cause of his impure thoughts) in his cell in the Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum, Berkshire, England. He had been born into a strict missionary family in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and trained as a surgeon at Yale. He served as a doctor in the Union Army during the American Civil War, where his experiences (which included branding deserters) exacerbated his already fragile state of mind. He developed a condition which was later diagnosed as schizophrenia. He was allowed to resign from the army and moved to London, where, in a state of paranoid delusion, shot and killed an innocent man who just happened to be walking behind him.

He was found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity and confined in Broadmoor. As a gentleman with a private income, he was allowed special privileges, and built up an extensive personal library. He learned of the project to publish the Oxford English Dictionary, and turned his mind to find and cite illustrative quotations for rare words. He become a major contributor to the project and developed a friendship with Dr James Murray, the editor of the dictionary. Minor’s and Murray’s lives, the dictionary project and the self-severing are reported in an excellent and meticulously researched book, The Surgeon of Crowthorne (UK) / The Professor and the Madman (USA) by Simon Winchester.

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Do Children Really Need Early


Childhood Education?


A-Z Education: Early Childhood Education

Is early childhood education really necessary? Early childhood education primarily focuses on learning through playing to develop the child’s physical, sensory, communicational, cognitive, emotional, and social development. Early childhood education has become a concern of the government, who pushes poor children to be formally trained before they are old enough for Kindergarten.

There are good reasons for the government to push early childhood education. Studies have shown that orphaned children who did not receive adequate care and interaction become developmentally delayed causing failure in school, and even in life. Further studies show that poor children who participate in Head Start programs are more prepared for school, less likely to end up in Special Education classes, and are less likely to receive public assistance or go to jail. (The results of these studies however have been called into question.)

There are also negative aspects to putting a child in formal education programs too early. Time Magazine online “explains that the younger the child the less his chances of adjusting to first-grade work; early failure at the blackboard can induce a defeatist attitude that endures for years.” I have personally witnessed many children of my generation who went to head start programs become frustrated and bored with school before they finished high school. They complained that they had ‘had been at it” forever, and did not even remember a time when they were not in school. Yet parents have been convinced that the earlier the child starts school, the better off he or she is, so they push to start children earlier.

It seems as if when deciding to educate a child early, we are trying to choose between the better of two evils. A child in a bad situation is better served by putting him in school early. A child in a healthy situation is stressed by starting school too young. Perhaps the focus should be on parent training and intervention into the lives at-risk children.

While early formal education of poor children does show great gains in the early elementary years, studies also show that this head start is really a ‘false start’, as the gains are lost in middle and high school years. It seems that environment is a bigger factor on life’s success than early education. Head Start programs have not achieved its original goal of in closing the achievement gap in poor and middle school children. Perhaps it is time to find other ways to close that gap. Adult training and job development may do more for poor and neglected children than early education in long run.



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